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Providing impeccable medical care to patients in our country, Hospitals and Healthcare Networks have earned an international reputation for quality, excellence and leadership in the healthcare field.


With multiple hospitals, campuses and offsite primary care physician and surgical center locations, medical centers and their affiliated networks can host thousands of beds, employees, staff and voluntary physicians, multiple visitors per day and emergency room patients. Keeping track of employees, doctors, volunteers and other medical staff is a major challenge for security staffs at these organizations.


Leaders in the healthcare industry trust ECM Security Systems to assist with on-site security installations with minimal disruption to the normal flow of business.


Access Control

Health groups have high needs for access control, information management and facility management systems. Within the last decade, a heightened awareness of patient privacy, medical records (HIPAA) and controlled access has necessitated increased needs for access control and security. Health care industry leaders turn to ECM Security Systems to enhance facility security by controlling access to secure areas like pharmacies, nurseries and medical supply areas.


Whether you need to restrict access to “authorized personnel-only” areas or protect personal and private patient information, security within the confines of a health care-related setting is multi-dimensional. With an ECM Security Systems solution in place, health care providers can maintain their dedication and pledge to serving people.


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