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In the US, and particularly in Southern California, the movie and entertainment market is an integral part of the popular culture. Large multiplex cinemas, popular restaurants and retail chains recognize that secure facilities can stimulate business and bolster consumer confidence.


With extensive experience helping leaders in the entertainment industry, ECM Security Systems offers a wide array of security solutions for entertainment and restaurant properties planning to enhance, upgrade or transform their facilities.



Leaders in the entertainment industry face unique challenges and demand high security protection. From film and TV studios to a variety of other entertainment-oriented locations, ECM Security Systems has the expertise and technological resources to protect entertainment venues of all descriptions.



Surveillance experts see food an industry primed for CCTV coverage, with owners taking advantage of falling prices for technology to combat rising levels of theft. In addition to deterring crime, creative managers are using cameras to monitor food-handling procedures and employee skills to see if additional training is needed. CCTV equipment can also be used to identify and protect owners from false slip-and-fall insurance scams.


While entertainment companies and restaurants are continually expanding their presence by meeting consumer demands, ECM Security Systems can help provide more sophisticated and secure entertainment experiences for staff and customers alike.


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