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"state-of-the-art technology and relationship-driven service"

From corporate headquarters to local branch offices, today’s commercial businesses have more complex integration needs than ever. Internal crimes that rob profits from companies are compounded by theft, property damage, shoplifting, fraud, personal injury and many other operational challenges. You need to confront these risks head-on by protecting your business with a reliable and risk-appropriate security solution.


ECM Security Systems can help you address your business security requirements by installing access control solutions, voice management systems, CCTV systems and electrified hardware and locks that meet your organizational needs.


ECM Security Systems combines applied experience, state-of-the-art technology and relationship-driven service to provide you with up-to-the-minute business intelligence. We partner with businesses to develop cost-effective solutions that help meet the challenges they face.


Beginning with your free security audit, ECM Security Systems works with you to understand your organization’s needs for integrated business solutions that increase your operational success. We offer an integrated method to tackle your business needs.


Proper planning before the construction phase of a project ensures high-quality results. During the planning phase, we:


      • Establish a detailed construction schedule highlighting all activities including

         purchasing, fabrication, shop drawing production and construction work in place.

      • Order and expedite the delivery of all material.

      • Implement management control of all project activities.

      • Prepare and implement subcontract agreements and purchase orders


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Our security solutions are designed to protect commercial properties of all sizes and configurations, across all industries. Call us today or complete our contact form to schedule your free security audit.