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Closed Circuit Video System & Surveillance

A Watchful Eye

With recent increases in cost-effectiveness, video surveillance is fast becoming a powerful and accessible crime prevention tool. Implementing a CCTV system represents a significant step toward protecting company assets. Video surveillance deters break-ins; the presence of cameras can often be all you need to prevent a break in. Also, studies reveal that employees are far less likely to steal from employers when they know security cameras are watching.


Systems installed by ECM Security Systems provide for a broad range of business CCTV applications including monitoring theft, robbery, false claims, vandalism, inventory shrinkage, employee surveillance, monitoring building entry and much more.


CCTV System Benefits

     • Interior and exterior visual building and site monitoring

     • Assess incidents for proper action

     • Monitor critical areas

     • Prevent dishonest insurance claims

     • Night time and thermal image surveillance

     • View from on- or off-site or from a remote video monitoring service


Effective and easy to operate, many digital CCTV systems use digital recorders for wide coverage, enabling you to simultaneously record, playback and view live. Many units also have built-in DVD/CD burners so you can easily transfer video files for investigations.


Improved Efficiency through Networked

A networked video solution is a great way to improve the overall safety and security at your facility. Use a DVR with a built-in motion detector to prevent unnecessary use of resources and storing extraneous video. Connect the DVR to the Internet to view live feeds or archived videos from a remote location.


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