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Access Control

For businesses with products, information and people to protect, electronic access control is seen as the best option to control building traffic flows, while improving your business’ security posture. It provides an additional layer of protection, giving access rights to staff who need them, but preventing unauthorized entry.


At ECM Security Systems, we create custom access control systems for facilities of all sizes to meet the security needs of your business. From a basic entry-level system to complex integrated solutions, we have the expertise and technology to help effectively manage the safety and security of your facility.


Generally regarded as the technology of choice for access control applications, proximity-based technology cards (or “credentials”) offer security, convenience and interoperability. ECM Security Systems offers a broad scope of credential and reader technologies to match your desired level of security. These cards can also serve as photo ID cards, when personalized and printed with corporate logos.


Access control systems restrict access to sensitive areas like computer rooms, personnel files, laboratories, tool rooms and valuable materials. With an access control system database, you can keep your cardholder population up-to-the minute by adding or deleting users when new staff join or depart. It also relieves you of having to change locks and keys when an employee leaves the company or is terminated.


You can control access to specific areas of your facility, tracking employee arrival, room entry and departure through detailed reports generated by your access control system.


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