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Voice Management Systems

Today’s companies value good employees more than ever. To ensure a safe, secure and desirable work environment, leading companies are providing communication systems throughout the building, as well as in locations such as garages, parking lots and campus exercise trails, to enable personnel to improve communications and to summon assistance as needed.


Improved Communications

Improve your communications instantly with a voice management system from ECM Security Systems. A system of intercom sub-stations allows employees to talk, listen or converse to/with a master intercom station located at the reception desk, in the security room or off-site. Use intercoms to locate or speak with staff, make emergency announcements or page people in any part of the building or campus.


Many organizations see voice management systems as an irreplaceable tool for verifying accidental alarms, break-ins and assisting safety/medical emergencies. In addition to voice transmission, these systems can also demonstrate improved functionality with a built-in camera. Mass notification systems allow immediate alerts to keep people up-to-date on important situations.


Whether your requirements are basic or advanced, we can set you up with the latest in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, advanced routing solutions and networked and standalone systems.


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ECM Security Systems technicians are trained as voice management systems integrators, and we offer specialized installation and maintenance of these systems. Call us today or complete our contact form to schedule your free, no obligation security audit.