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Electrified Locks and Hardware

Providing higher security and greater convenience than traditional mechanical locks, electromechanical and electronic locks have a number of benefits. These versatile products are more secure than traditional door hardware, while simplifying locking and unlocking.


Electrified door hardware and locksets are designed to control access to entryways in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities where code compliance, dependable operation and resistance to physical abuse are critical. From electric mortise locks--the best solution for high security applications for narrow profile and modular doors--to electric strikes and electromagnetic locks, the solutions provide an additional level of protection and convenience.


High-rise offices, government centers, hospitals, airports, campuses, factories and museums are just some of the many types of buildings that can benefit from using access control systems supported by electrified locks and hardware.


Building & fire life safety code compliance

We can install locksets that comply with national building and fire life safety code requirements for use on fire rated doors, including high-rise stairwell and elevator lobby doors where electric strikes and magnetic locks are prohibited. The lockset can ensure that a door stays latched even when unlocked, maintaining fire door integrity.


Characterized by speed, durability and longevity, electric strikes are a common component within electromechanical door systems. Available in failsafe and failsecure modes to accommodate either security or fire life safety applications, exit devices like one-touch, push bar panic exits and one-hand-operated emergency exits improve the mobility of your facility and the safety of its inhabitants.


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